New Jersey’s District 4 Representative Chris Smith hasn’t held a town hall in…


My math might be a little off, but he hasn’t held one since 1993.

Where is Chris Smith?

Town halls are a common way for politicians to connect with their constituents during recesses, when they are in their home districts away from Washington, DC. Chris Smith has not had a town hall meeting since 1993.

Despite their name, town hall meetings don’t have to take place in a town hall. They're commonly held in a range of venues, including schools, libraries, municipal buildings, and churches. Town hall meetings by teleconference or online are growing in popularity, making it easier than ever for a politician to engage with their consituents.

It’s clear that Smith doesn’t want to spend any time to have a dialog with his constituents. What has he been up to in those 23+ years?


January 24, 2017
Smith's Bill is Condemned by the American Civil Liberties Union

Smith made the Hyde Amendment permanent. This restricts health care for poor women on Medicaid; Native Americans, federal employees and their dependents, Peace Corps volunteers, military personnel and their dependents, and disabled women who rely on Medicare.

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January 27, 2015
Smith's Statements are Condemned by the Human Rights Campaign

Smith said he does “not construe homosexual rights as human rights,” and continued to question whether the country’s opposition to anti-LGBT legislation had negatively impacted the United States' international relations.

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Jul 10, 2014
Smith Votes to Reject UN's Climate Change Assessment

Smith sided with climate change deniers and voted for an amendment that prohibits the use of funds to design, implement, administer or carry out specified assessments regarding climate change.

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Feb 28, 2013
Smith Voted Against the Violence Against Women Act

Smith and other conservative Republicans objected to extending the Act's protections to same-sex couples and to provisions allowing battered undocumented individuals to claim temporary visas.

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Jan 27th, 2012
Smith Accused Obama of Creating a “Culture of Death”

In an interview, Smith states that the Obama administration seeks “to remake America as the culture of death” and if he wins re-elections, it “will be significantly worse in terms of extremism in promoting both the abortion issue as well as the homosexual agenda.”

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Jan 20, 2011
Smith Attempted to Redefine Rape to Limit Abortions for Victims

The bill attempted preclude federal funding for abortions of pregnancies resulting from a variety of rapes where force may not be involved, including date rape, statutory rape, the rape of a woman who had been drugged, and the rape of a mentally incompetent woman.

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Dec 8, 2010
Smith Voted Against the DREAM Act, Punishing Immigrants' Children

Smith sided with Tea Party Republicans to vote against the bipartisan bill that would have established a process for immigrant minors to obtain conditional residency and provide a path to citizenship.

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Apr 29, 2009
Smith Voted Against the Hate Crimes Prevention Act

Conceived as a response to the murders of Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr., the measure expands federal hate-crime law to include crimes motivated by a victim's actual or perceived gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability

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Smith’s Problematic Views

More troublesome than his physical absence in his district is his amorphous positions on many key issues. His silence and inaction on key issues leaves his constituency guessing on many fronts.

However, there are a select few issues for which Smith takes a strong stance: women’s rights, LGBTQ equality, and enforcing conservative culture. Throughout the years, he’s kept an intense focus on these issues.

Smith’s Ignored Constituency

Since Smith has refused to meet at a Town Hall, his constituents in New Jersey’s District 4 have been sounding off in other ways. Let’s see what they have to say.

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What You Can Do

Chris Smith might not be around to talk, but you can contact him in other ways. Let him know how you feel.

NJ’s 4th Congressional District has been redrawn five times while Smith has been its Representative, each time further protecting his incumbency. But that's a whole different story. As a result, many may not even realize he represents them. You are in Chris Smith’s constituency if you live in:

Mercer County

Hamilton and Robbinsville

Monmouth County

Allentown, Avon-By-The-Sea, Belmar, Bradley Beach, Brielle, Colts Neck, Eatontown, Englishtown, Fair Haven, Farmingdale, Freehold, Freehold, Holmdel, Howell, Lake Como, Little Silver, Manalapan, Manasquan, Middletown Township (part), Millstone, Neptune City, Neptune, Ocean, Red Bank, Roosevelt, Rumson, Sea Girt, Shrewsbury, Shrewsbury, Spring Lake, Spring Lake Heights, Tinton Falls, Upper Freehold and Wall

Ocean County

Bay Head, Jackson, Lakehurst, Lakewood, Manchester, Point Pleasant Beach and Point Pleasant

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